Beautiful Blogger Award

So, what’s up with that?  My blog?  An award winner, really?


beautiful blogger award

I’m absolutely thrilled.  Now, for my acceptance speech…  Just kidding.  But, really, I am thrilled.  So, thank you, JoJo, for the nomination!  JoJo and Stacey have this great blog called “No excuses health“, which was a recent recipient of the Beautiful Blogger award (congratulations!), and I’ve been a fan since they started blogging.

But, this award, the “Beautiful Blogger Award,” is awarded to bloggers by our peers for creativity, originality, and overall contribution to the blogging community.  For me, I think the key to writing in general is to find something you love and that you are passionate about.  I started this blog for many reasons, but mainly because I’m an information junkie and I was into all these articles about how to be healthier, and I just wondered if anyone else would care about the information.  Frankly, I don’t think my blog is really any different than most.  But, I really care about the subject, I want to be healthy myself, and I strongly believe that exercise and eating well is vital for a good, long life.

So, how the award works is that once you receive it, your job is to then nominate others to receive it as well, and then write 7 things about yourself.  A few of the blogs I really enjoy have already been nominated for this award  (no excuses health being one of them!), and are out of the running.

But, here are my picks for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

  • thin in my head – she writes a great blog about the struggles of losing weight and not giving up.  Very inspiring to me.
  • FITgirl training – Carla is a personal trainer that always has interesting information and good quotes to keep me motivated to get fit and stay fit.  A regular read of mine.
  • Fit trim – their blog addresses a lot of the health issues I’m interested in like how to prevent disease, being healthier, eating better, and keeping weight down.  Great job!
  • pass me another cupcake – she writes about her journey with cancer, and is very open and honest about what she’s going through. Her blog is captivating, enlightening, and touching to me.  I’m certain she’s probably won other awards; she’s even written a blog for the Huffington post!  But she deserves it, no question there.

Now, for the seven things about me… where do I start?

1) The most thrilling thing I think I have done (so far) is when my family and I went zip-lining in the jungle of Belize.  It was a jungle, and I’m afraid of heights.  But my mom got up there and wanted to be first in line, and so I knew I had to follow.  It was awesome!

2) I like to do triathlons.  I’m not very good at them, for sure.  But, they’re fun, challenging, having one on deck makes me train and work out, and I don’t get bored working out, because i train in three events, not one.

3) One of the destinations on my bucket list is Egypt.  I know it’s not probably the safest destination, but the pyramids fascinate me.  I’d also love to see the Sphinx, and sail down the Nile, and scuba in the Red Sea.  Awesome.

4) I love to blog.  I didn’t know it until I started, but it’s awesome!  I love researching, and writing has always been fun for me, and I love health issues, and it’s just a win-win for me.  And, it keeps me busy.

5) I hate problems.  Doesn’t everybody, though?  But, I deal with problems every day as a manager of operations at a small state agency with lots of challenges, and it’s my job to fix them.  It keeps me over the top busy, but I guess that’s good.

6) I’ve played tennis since I was six.  Really.  My dad was an avid tennis player, and he wanted all his kids to enjoy tennis.  So, (back in the days of wooden tennis rackets) he got one of his trusty Jack Kramer rackets with red gut strings, and literally sawed off 5 inches or so from the handle of the racket so it could be “my” sized!!  I was six!  It was awesome!  My first tennis racket.  And, I still play tennis, too.  I love it.  I will always treasure that racket.

7) I absolutely love being outdoors.  It makes me feel alive.  Being indoors, there’s walls, fluorescent lights, concrete, etc.  I honestly think it sucks the life right out of me.  But being outside, things are alive; things move.  Leaves rustle and blow on the ground; the sun feels warm, the blue skies are beautiful (when it’s not hot!!).  Birds, bugs…  I love it all.

So, those are seven things about me.  Thanks so much for reading, and thanks for the award!

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