Overcoming excuses to exercise

I don’t have time.  I’m not feeling up to it.  The weather is lousy.  These are a few of the common excuses we tell ourselves when we don’t feel like exercising.

Reasons not to exercise.

Reasons why we don’t exercise.

We all feel tired from time to time, and may not have the energy to exercise as regularly as we would like to.  Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for us not to exercise.  Maybe we are fighting a physical injury.  Maybe today we had to work late, which cut into our workout time.  Maybe, just maybe, we had a killer workout yesterday and need a rest day.

But, sometimes we make excuses not to exercise when we don’t have a legitimate reason.  Maybe we just don’t want to.

Okay, but can we at least go for a 15-30 minute walk?  What about taking the stairs in the office building, instead of the elevator?  Walking around the block?

Why does it matter whether we exercise or not?  There are so many reasons why it matters.  Here are just a few:

  1. Exercise is a natural de-stressor.  Do you have stress?  I know I do.  If you get in some exercise, you can alleviate some or most of your daily stresses.
  2. Exercise boosts your mood.  It makes you feel good.  Even if you don’t feel good while doing it, you will feel great when it’s over.  It clears your mind, releases endorphins in your brain, increases self-esteem, and provides a feeling of accomplishment- because you did what you set out to do.
  3. Exercise gives you more energy.  It doesn’t seem like it would, but it does.  It helps with muscle strength, boosts endurance, helps your heart work more efficiently.
  4. Exercise assists with weight control.  Weight maintenance can be difficult, but with exercise we expend more energy and burn more calories than we otherwise would have.  And, the more we exercise, the more calories we burn.
  5. Exercise lowers your blood pressure, boosts good cholesterol, lowers triglycerides.
  6. Exercise lowers your risk of heart disease, helps prevent strokes, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain types of cancers, and arthritis.
  7. Exercise assists with better sleep.  It helps you fall asleep faster, and you sleep more soundly.
  8. Exercise is fun.  Find activities that you enjoy: walking in the park, bicycling, swimming, taking a dance class, going for a jog…  If you enjoy it, you’ll want to keep doing it.

Aim for about 30 minutes a day, and try to get your heart rate up.  Set some goals.  Sign up for a fun run, and give yourself time to train for it.  They’re a lot of fun, if you haven’t done one before.

And, as always, remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program, especially if you have any health concerns.

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