Best exercise for strength and fitness

Men’s Fitness Magazine had an excellent article recently regarding a particular exercise that shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to fitness.

What is this must-do exercise?


The greatest exercise ever.


Why are squats so beneficial?  They help you build more muscle, help you become a better athlete, and they may well be one of the “best moves in fitness.”

Here are some of the reasons why incorporating squats into your fitness routine is a great idea:

1.  Squats are a total body exercise, so they help you build muscle and strength everywhere, not just your lower half.

2. They increase the strength of your core.

3. Squats boost flexibility, especially in the hips, and can assist in reducing back pain.

4. Strengthen the muscles around the knees and hips, reducing chance of injury.

5. Strengthen and tone your lower body.

6. Assist with improved workout efficiency.  Squats get your heart rate up and your legs burning in no time.

They are the perfect exercise to boost your overall fitness – fast!

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