The “magic pill”

If there were a drug that prevented and/or cured most diseases, would you take it?
What if it were free, safe, and readily available?

This miracle drug already exists, but is largely ignored by doctors and patients around the world.

picture of exercise
Is there a miracle drug?

According to Dr. Jordan D. Metzl, that miracle drug is exercise.  In the article “The Exercise Cure” from Slate Magazine, Dr. Metzl shows why exercise really is a miracle drug.  Exercise benefits every system in the body:

  • exercise treats and prevents disease
  • it improves memory and concentration
  • lessens sleep disorders
  • aids heart disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
  • assists with sexual dysfunction
  • deters cancer and its recurrence
  • reduces general inflammation in the body

Exercise has also widely been shown to benefit in these areas:

  • it assists in relieving symptoms of depression; elevates mood
  • exercise improves digestion
  • aids the immune system
  • assists with weight management
  • stabilizes hormones
  • is a natural de-stressor

So, why is exercise not more widely “dispensed” as preventive medicine in health care today?

Money could be one reason.  There are financial incentives for treating disease. Tests, medicines, procedures, they all cost money.  And, they make money.  Yet, there is no financial burden, nor financial incentive, in prescribing exercise to patients.  However, as noted above, exercise is often as beneficial as any prescription written today, sometimes even more so. And, unlike most drugs, there are no side effects with exercise.
This isn’t to say that exercise fixes all ailments, because it clearly doesn’t.

But, if lack of fitness is the public health epidemic of our time, it can be cured.

In 30 minutes, five days per week.

Is it worth it?


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